Paintball Repair/Customization
Need paintball repair, tune up, or customization? Bring your paintball markers to I&I Sports in Carson, CA. We also accept mail in repairs. (must include $12.95 for return shipping)
Diagnostic $9.99 Sale $5.99
Tune up$29.95+
Chrono Setting$5
Call our Airsmiths for your paintball service needs.
or toll free at

I&I Sports
19751 S. Figueroa St
Carson, CA 90745
We're located near the 405 & 110 interchange

Note: If your gun is dirty, gummed up, etc., you can expect to be charged an additional $10 cleaning fee. Save the $10 by thoroughly cleaning your gun prior to sending it in! We will contact you if we find said situation before we proceed.
When sending your gun to us, send the gun only and barrel. We do not need your tank, or hopper. Be sure to pack it with plenty of padding to ensure no damage occurs in shipping, AND insure it. Be sure to include your name, phone number, full return address and email.

We have some of the premier airsmiths in Southern California. They are experts in repair and modification.
Always consult with a qualified airsmith before attempting any modifications to a marker or its power system. Remove all paint and air from a marker, and wear eye protection, before working on the marker!