Pakamut Cebuano Fighting Style Book Roiles


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The PAKAMUT fighting system, as taught by GM Felix Roiles, was handed down to him by his humble grandfather, a true Master in the Filipino Fighting Arts. Using a very simple method, this art utilizes the body's natural movements in highly effective forms of fighting techniques with the use of impact & edged weapons, and hand-to-hand combat. PAKAMUT in Cebuano means the 'Pilipino Fighting System and Style'. It was believed that Datu Mangal, the father of Datu Lapu-lapu, was the first Pilipino hero to bring the art of fighting to the island. Datu Mangal was a direct descendant of the leaders of the powerful Sri - Visayan Empire of 13th century Malay, who conquered and colonized many lands. After the empire was taken over by the Maja Pahit Empire of ancient Sumatra and Borneo, the 10 Datu and their kinsmen settled on the island of Visayan where the art continued to be refined into what we see today. 7 x 10 paperback. 93 pages.