I&I Sports Bubba II Grappling Man Dummy


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Product Description
The #1 Grappling Dummy on the Market! Endorsed by instructors worldwide! Patented design features anatomically correct joints & human features; and he's built to take your full contact punches! Each Bubba is hand-built in the USA from a unique combination of common materials over a wood skeleton and covered with a heavy 'skin' of commercial duct tape! When complete (over 20 man hours!) this combination of hose; duct tape; rope; cloth and foam; will perform like a human! Used and endorsed by leading martial arts instructors including the Gracie Academy, Sean Sutton, Burton Richardson and more! Guaranteed against defects in materials & construction for a full year. 1-piece design. Weight ~42 lbs. Ship size: 45x15x15. (This is the optimal 'dead weight' for a dummy.) Height 5ft 10in. Does NOT come with uniform. NOTE: These units are hand-made and can take 4-5 weeks for delivery so please order early. SPECIAL ORDERS: We can build taller or heavier units. Please email iisports@iisports.com with your specifications.

'I have studied in the martial arts for twenty-five years in Yoseikan Budo (Black Belt 1ø Degree) Yoseikan Kempo (Black Belt 2ø Degree); Muay Thay; Savate; Jeet Kune Do; Shooto and Jiu Jitsu. For me; the Bubba Dummy is a great revolution for the martial arts because of its flexible and realistic human features; especially for mount techniques!'

Luigi A. - Italy