Escrima Kali Arnis Rattan Stick Set (2 sticks+case)


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Product Description
Burned Rattan, No Skin Imported directly from the Philippines! Set includes a matched set of TWO STICKS and Carry Storage Bag. These authentic sticks are hand-made in the Philippines by the Escrimador craftsmen of Cebu. Each stick features a light traditional burn pattern and clear finish. Measures approx. 28 in long and approx. 7/8 in thick. These sticks are very durable! Great for all around training and demonstrations. NOTE: This is a natural product, not machine straightened rattan as is used in the furniture industry (significantly less durable). Stick diameter is approximate and can vary by up to 1/4 inch. Sorry we CANNOT guarantee an exact diameter. Also; it is NOT possible to provide perfectly matched sticks in either weight or diameter.