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Understanding Kyo and Jitsu in the Martial Arts and in Life

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The term, ‘Kyo’ and ‘Jitsu’ are often used in the Martial Arts to describe the the state of mind that a person is in. Though understanding both terms is a key element when learning a fighting strategy, we will also see how being able to determine both within ourselves and with those around us, help in all areas of our lives.

Kyo is the term that explains when a person’s state of mind is empty, blank or off guard. Jitsu refers to a person when they are focused, concentrated or in their' zone'. When these two terms are related to a combat situation whether its in a Martial Art or in a self defense situation of any kind, understanding the difference is pivital. Reading the opponent, observing their body language, their eyes, and their breath are all effective ways in determining whether a person is in ‘Kyo’ or ‘Jitsu’ and when the best time to strike will be. Recognizing the two will also be helpful in understanding the state of mine in ourselves as well and how to protect ourselves. If our opponent is not focused,empty, distracted or when they take a breath in,this means they’re in ‘Kyo’. This then becomes the opportune moment to strike. In comparison, being in ‘Jitsu’, our opponent is focused, is filled up with air and is in their mental zone, this is not the best time to strike.

These terms can be used in every day life as well. Learning how to recognize Kyo and Jitsu not just with others but within ourselves, is important. For example, Kyo can be useful when in meditation, and in relaxation. Jitsu is very important when doing something that requires mental focus such as driving a car or learning a new skill. We need to pay attention in order to drive safely and to learn to the best of our ability. Kyo and Jitsu affect almost all areas of our lives. The simple sensation of hunger represents being empty,’Kyo’. While the act of eating represents being filled up, ‘Jitsu’. There are many examples of Kyo and Jitsu in our lives. Being able to recognize both in others, in the world around us and ourselves plays a very fundamental part in having good success, good health and good communication. When we understand what our own rhythm of Kyo and Jitsu are, we can learn when to be guarded and when to let your guard down. Recognizing it in ourselves helps us to recognize it in others. This in turns helps us to understand that the two work in cause and affect together.

By Tracy Warrener

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