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Dayan Chi Kung #3 Wild Goose Qigong Forms 56-64 DVD Wen-Mei Yu

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Wild Goose Qigong.  Part 3 Featuring Wen-Mei Yu.  

Master Yu provides a review of forms 1-55; and detailed step-by-step instruction of forms 56-64. This is an excellent daily practice companion and resource work. 

Digitally mastered from the original videocassette. 1995

Dayan Chi Kung literally meaning Wild Goose Breathing Exercise, was handed down through the ages among exclusive circles of the Taoist Kunlun School.  The exercise imitates the postures and movements of the goose and assimilates the ancient dao yin methods. It consists of both vigorous and gentle movements where motion is alternated with stillness. The movements help promote the circulation of blood and clears Jingmai, the passages through which Chi (vital energy) flows.

Most manufacturers of specialty titles now DVD-R duplicate instead of replicate, and utilize inkjet printed covers. This may make the DVDs appear to be counterfeit, however, this is the standard manufacturing process used by Warner Bros and others. This DVD is 100% guaranteed authentic.

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