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Combat Karate #1 Counterstrikes DVD Ben Otake traditional martial arts

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Karate was the first and foremost, developed to be the ultimate art of self-defense. Designed for empty-hand defense against armed soldier, in its purest form, it was and is one of the most incredible achievements in human history. Originally, karate, the way of the empty hand, was designed to turn the human body into a defensive weapon. But alas, in the last century, with all of the rhetoric, diluted teaching, politics and misconceptions, the focus on what karate is all about has been distorted. Now, Ben Otake, with over 30 years of experience in the combative and defensive aspects of karate, distilled to its purest form, brings to the public the pure, devastating power of traditional karate.

Part 1: Counterstrike. Ben Otake reveals his method of devastating defense, and how to counter an aggressive move by an opponent. Otake Sensei, true to the original concepts of traditional karate demonstrates the methods of countering an attack with amazing speed and power, turning every opening into an opportunity to deliver a series of punches, kicks and strikes to the opponent, all with knockout power! 49 minutes.

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