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5 DVD SET Wado Ryu Karate - Moore & Hughes Otsuka katas kumite self-defense

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5 DVD Set by Marlon Moore & Ray Hughes
This is a five volume instructional series by masters and tournament champions, Marlon Moore and Ray Hughes. They present this fighting and self-defense art of Wado-Ryu as taught by Jiro Otsuka, the son of founder Hironori Otsuka. Suitable for martial artists of all skill levels.

Volume 1 features warm-ups, a strong foundation, stances, hand techniques, kicking techniques, blocking, fluid basics, learning to maneuver, kata (pre-kata, pinan shodan), and self-defense techniques. 

Volume 2 features review and warm-ups, higher basics, more stances, hand techniques, kicking and blocking, improving footwork, kata (pinan nidan and bunkai, pinan sandan and bunkai), sparring, and self-defense techniques. 

Volume 3 features strikes and kicks, advanced fighting maneuvers, kata (pinan yondan and bunkai, pinan godan and bunkai), kihon kumite (sparring fundamentals), free fighting, and self-defense techniques. 

Volume 4 features advanced review, strikes and kicks, advanced footwork and maneuvers, kata (naihanchi and bunkai, kushanku and bunkai), kihon kumite (sparring techniques), free fighting, and self-defense techniques. 

Volume 5 features black-belt-level training, combination fighting strikes and positions, kicks, kata (seishan and bunkai, chinto and bunkai), ways to improve your speed and power, free-fighting techniques, and self-defense techniques.

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