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Bruce Lee Chi Sao Made Easy DVD James DeMile seattle wing chun do sticky hands

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Trapping is the art of immobilizing the opponent both defensively & offensively while you maintain the ability to be offensive. Bruce Lee introduced DeMile to the conceptual art of trapping and it's various aspects of learning. He felt that trapping was the ultimate way to neutralize an opponent; regardless of size; strength or martial arts style. But he also believed that in order to learn Trapping properly you had to learn it in stages. The evolving structure he showed me was CHI SAO (Sticking Hands); SLAP SPARRING; WRIST SLAP SPARRING and PHON SAO (Trapping Hands). Bruce taught this as Chi Sao (an exercise) and Phon Sao (the application). On this DVD; DeMile teaches in detail yet in a simple format with practical drills. Chi Sao is a critical step to evolving spontaneous trapping skills. Copyright 2001.

James DeMile; former Air Force boxer; began his martial arts career in 1959 in Seattle under the direction of Bruce Lee. Both in their late teens; they quickly became friends; and DeMile became one of Bruce's first generation students; DeMile had the opportunity to assist him in refining his concepts and developing his unique fighting skills. He is the founder of Wing Chun Do which is a modern application of the classical Wing Chun system.

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