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Nikkei Games 2015 Seminar Tai Sabaki & Nunchaku DVD Tak Kubota Fumio Demura

Nikkei Games 2015 Seminar Tai Sabaki & Nunchaku DVD Tak Kubota Fumio Demura

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Featuring Soke Tak Kubota & Shihan Fumio Demura TAI SABAKI by Tak Kubota - Soke Tak Kubota founded the Gosoku-ryu style of karate; and is the founder and president of the International Karate Association. Kubota holds the title of Soke for his development of the Gosoku-ryu style of karate. He is also the inventor and holder of the trademark of the Kubotan self-defense key chain. Soke Kubota was a self-defense instructor for the Tokyo Police department in the 1950s; where he was noted for his expertise in practical karate. He has devoted his life to learning; creating; and teaching the application of self-defense techniques to military; law enforcement; and civilian personnel. He has earned black belt degrees in karate; judo; aikido; kendo; and iaido. BASIC NUNCHAKU by Fumio Demura - Shihan Demura is the founder and chief instructor of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Genbu-Kai International created in 1999. The Genbu-Kai organization has schools teaching Shito-Ryu karate throughout the US; and in 30 countries around the world. Shihan Demura also has done a great deal to develop Batto-Do (sword) and Kobudo (weapons) organizations; training methods; and competition opportunities within his own organization and around the world.

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