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3 DVD SET Mastering Wing Chun #1 Siu Lim Tao #2 Chum Kiu #3 Biu Gee Samuel Kwok

3 DVD SET Mastering Wing Chun #1 Siu Lim Tao #2 Chum Kiu #3 Biu Gee Samuel Kwok

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Volume 1 Siu Lim Tao (Little Ideas) is the firsthand form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. The form teaches the correct hand and arm positions for attack and defense. Development and use of energy are the focus of Siu Lim Tao training. In this informative DVD; Grandmaster Samuel Kwok teaches the correct method of performing the form as handed down by Ip Man; and gives the student the keys to training the foundation of the Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu method. Instruction includes the correct method of performing the form; as well as training methods and the application of each technique. Volume 2 Chum Kiu (Seeking the Bridge) is the second form in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. This form teaches the dynamic application of the techniques learned in Wing Chun's first form Siu Lim Tao. While the first form teaches the correct structure of the attacks and defensive movements; it is in Chum Kiu that the student learns to "seek the bridge" and use both hands simultaneously; such as one hand defending while the other attacks. Chum Kiu teaches stepping and footwork; and also Wing Chun's specialized kicking method and the generation of power through the correct method of using the entire body in stance turning (Yiu Ma). In this DVD; Grandmaster Kwok also demonstrates and explains in detail the use of Wing Chun's devastating short-range power. Volume 3 Biu Gee (Thrusting Fingers) also known as "first aid hand;" is the last hand form taught in the Ip Man Wing Chun system. Biu Gee training is one of the keys to learning to focus energy into a strike. Biu Gee also develops devastating striking power by combining focused strikes with the rotational energy developed by correct stance turning (Yiu Ma); as learned in the previous training of the Chum Kiu form. Another key of Biu Gee training is to train the hands to regain the center if the centerline is lost or unguarded. The Biu Gee form teaches two unique methods of footwork;

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