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Chinese Shaolin Chi Kung #1 Healing 18 Lohan Hands Form DVD Seng Jeorng Au

Chinese Shaolin Chi Kung #1 Healing 18 Lohan Hands Form DVD Seng Jeorng Au

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  • $29.95

Volume-1. An Intro to Lohan chi kung: In this beginning volume; an Introduction to Lohan Ch'i Kung; you will be shown an easy and gentle way of starting the practice of Shaolin Ch'i Kung. The Lohan Ch'i Kung Integration Set is shown in three parts. Part I is called the Nine Golden Elixirs consisting of: 1-Turning Waist; 2-Cat Stretches in the Morning; 3-Humble Man pays Respect; 4-Green Bamboo Bends in the Wind; 5-Spirit Rises; 6-Golden Eagle Flies; 7-Pretty Maiden Plays in the Water; 8-Yin Yang Hand; and 9-Heavenly Dragon Throws out the Pearl. Part II is an energy exercise called: San Jiao designed to invigorate the practitioner by stimulating the three DanTiens: Upper (Head); Middle (Chest) and Loser (Abdomen). The use of toning during the breathing process will gently massage from within. It is recommended to refrain from doing this particular exercise before bed as it might prevent you from easily falling asleep because of the increased energy. The Three Ch'is (Shen; Ch'i and Jing) are of focus during the San Jiao practice. Part III is an active Ch'i Kung exercise designed to help integrate Ch'i development while moving. Walking; Breathing; Focusing and Toning are integral to this final part of the Integration Set.

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