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Praying Mantis Boxing Book Yeow

Praying Mantis Boxing Book Yeow



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By Lee Yew Yeow. Chinese Praying Mantis Boxing (sometimes called Tanglang Quan Boxing) is characterized by speed and continuous attacks, channeled through wrist and arm techniques, knee and elbow strikes, and complex KungFu-style footwork. In nature, the long and narrow predatory Mantis employs a fighting style of whip-like, circular motions to deflect direct attacks, which it follows up with precise attacks to an opponent's vital spots. These traits have been infused into the Chinese Praying Mantis style, via the techniques of blocking to create gaps, combined with rapid attacks. The aim and purpose of this book is to enable martial arts experts, students and layman practitioners alike to enjoy the many great benefits of traditional Chinese exercise -- known to be one of the truly refined arts the Chinese have created and retained for centuries. One of the principal and unique aspects of this informative book is the detailed section on standing and breathing exercises, which are not only acclaimed in China to be methods of attaining physical alertness and health, but also enable the ever-troubled minds of many who practice to find tranquility and peace. 56 pages. 5" x 7.5". Paperback.

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