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Mel Gibson & Jet Li's Invincible DVD martial arts action Billy Zane

Mel Gibson & Jet Li's Invincible DVD martial arts action Billy Zane

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Invincible opens with a glorious display of high comic book melodrama, as a malevolent superbeing named Os (Billy Zane, chewing the scenery with his dependable gusto) battles it out with a force of light called the White Warrior. When she opens his heart to love, Os finds himself commissioned to assemble a team of mortal human beings destined from before birth to become hyperhuman protectors of life--and only they can save the earth from the Shadowmen and their truly bad leader, Slate. It's all ridiculous, but for a while Invincible is completely entertaining, directed with verve, visual flash (including surprisingly good special effects and well-choreographed kung fu), and a silly but effective script. Unfortunately, about half-way through the movie grows visually repetitive and its good/evil scenario loses its juice, but that first half was still damn fun; Zane gives trashy dialogue the trashy zest it needs. Starring Billy Zane. 91 minutes. English & Spanish.

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