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Muay Thai Chaiya movie DVD martial arts action

Muay Thai Chaiya movie DVD martial arts action

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Muay Thai Chaiya is the latest offering from Thai cinema that puts the martial arts in the forefront of the story. As the story goes; we are introduced to a variation of the Muay Thai art known as Muay Thai Chaiya; where seemingly defensive moves and techniques have hidden offensive powers and attributes. Practioners seem to be taking in more blows than to dish out pain; but are actually waiting for the right moments for counter-attacks. The story focus on three friends; all practitioners of Muay Thai; who seek out fame and fortune in the city. Unfortunately; there is no hero in this film; as the three turn to the dark side; and become involved with drugs; alcohol; murder; and corruption. In this sense; it is more of a highly believable; fictionalized documentary of life in urban Thailand. There is plenty of action; and the aspects of the Chaiya form of Muay Thai is fascinating. Our recommendation is to watch the movie for the action; and ignore the weak plot and numerous subplots.

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