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Kung Fu: The Way of Life Book by Douglas Wong

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By Master Douglas L. Wong, has studied under Grandmaster Wong Ark Yuey (Five Animals style), Sifu Haumea Lefiti (Mok Ga and White Crane styles), Si-Hing Walter Wong (Wing Chun Chuan) and Master Share Lew (advanced Tao Ga Gung Fu and Choy Li Fut). He has also trained in Yau Kung Mon style, Northern Praying Mantis, Northern Sil Lum, Tai Chi Chuan, Bai Mei Pai, Hsing-Yi Ching and Bai Fu Pai.  This book demonstrates the basics of Kung-Fu from the beginning to the intermediate levels. It also contains sections on the history of Kung Fu, stretching, horse training, body building and Chinese weaponry.  A must have for all those interested in beginning the Kung-Fu journey. 6" X 9";  112 pages;  

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