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Secret Art Derobio Escrima Book Dan Medina Leyte Papa Ablen Braulio Tomada Pedo

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In The Secret Art of Derobio Escrima Grandmaster Dan Medina will take you on a journey into the lives and history of two of Leyte's Legendary Men. One was considered to be one of the Philippines most dangerous rebels; a leader of the Pulahan Movement and later a patriot. General Faustino Ablen (aka Papa Ablen). The other was his disciple; Grandmaster Braulio Tomada Pedo; who is not only be remembered for his kindness; physical and spiritual healing; but also for his great ability in Filipino martial arts. In this book Dan Medina sheds light into the deadliness of this bone and joint crushing art. The Secret Art of Derobio Escrima is the first look into this amazing battle tested art of Derobio Escrima. Not only does it take you through the basics of Derobio Escrima; it also gives you a glimpse into inner workings of countering. This book is written with the student in mind and will take you beyond the basics. It's designed to walk you through the principles and theories behind striking; blocking; counter attacks and locks. Of great interest is the counter to counter movement of Derobio Escrima; which sets this art apart from other arts. It's like the standup grappling of the Filipino martial arts with weapons. It teaches you how to move with the opponent's force; taking and using their energy and flow against them. The stick locks which have made this system famous will make you want to jump out of your skin. 7x10; paperback. 160 pages. 871 B/W photos.

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