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5 DVD Set Mastering Tae Kwon Do Palgae self defense belt training Ernie Reyes

5 DVD Set Mastering Tae Kwon Do Palgae self defense belt training Ernie Reyes

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This exciting five-volume DVD series Master Ernie Reyes includes warm-ups, fundamentals, outstanding kicking techniques, self-defense and taekwondo forms, plus criteria needed to advance in belt levels and achieve black-belt status.
* Warm-ups
* Fundamentals, 
* Kicking techniques
* Self-defense 
* Tae kwon Do forms
* Criteria for belt levels
* Criteria for black-belt status

Volume 1 - foundation, hand & kicking techniques, blocking, equipment, Palgae 1 and more! 
Volume 2 - Green & Purple belt kicking, blocking, sparring, self defense, Palgae 2 & 3 and more! 
Volume 3 - Blue belt strikes, kicks, advanced fighting, Palgae 4, advanced sparring, self-defense and more!
Volume 4 - Brown belt advanced strikes, kicking combinations, advanced footwork, Palgae 5 and more!
Volume 5 - Black-belt-level training, combinations, final Palgae forms. Choo Moo and more!

Ernie Reyes has an amazing record of accomplishments in the Korean art of taekwondo. A member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame (1981, Instructor of the Year), he has won forms and sparring championships in national and world Tae Kwon Do tournaments. Additionally, he is the founder of West Coast Tae Kwon Do and its famous demo team, as well as being a choreographer and actor in films and television. One of Tae Kwon Do's most prolific instructors, Reyes has coached championships in many divisions and was responsible for teaching taekwondo to his son, Ernie Reyes Jr., developing him into a highly acclaimed martial artist/performer.

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