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2 DVD Set 2018 Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Points Martial Arts Seminar - 8 masters

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Black & Blue Productions

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This is the 2018 HKI Kyusho Martial Arts Training Seminar
Grandmaster David Hogan continues the traditions of the late Grandmaster Jack Hogan, by hosting some of the top martial artists to teach effective self defense. 

DVD #1
Master John Quest: Teaches forearm grappling using the Kata movements and how to stack them for better control. Also, the principles of the Song of the Sip Sam Seh.

Master Stuart Blackhurst: Teaches neck and head control techniques which can knockout your opponent. Also, defending against bear hugs or rugby style tackles.

Grandmaster Jerald Carter: Teaches advanced arm grappling using pressure points from kata movements.

Grandmaster Jim Corn: Teaches techniques to stop the attacker before they attack. Also, the triple warmer and how to release your energy into those points.

DVD #2
Grandmaster David Hogan: Teaches the 3 levels of the martial arts; Mechanical - Pressure Points - Energy, and how to use all every time you touch your opponent. Defending against 1 & 2 handed pushes, and using directed energy to move or Knockout your opponent.

Grandmaster John Duggan: Teaches transitional locks and how to keep your opponent in constant pain. Throws with ground finishing locks and using pressure points to control or knockout your opponent.

Grandmaster Bruce Chiu: Teaches how to use  techniques from these DVDs, with a stick or any other weapon, standing or on the ground. 

Grandmaster Lynn Carper: Teaches how to use the Upper, Middle and Lower Burners to control, and increased control of opponents with your locks.

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