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2 DVD Set Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Points Martial Arts Training Seminar - 7 masters

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Black & Blue Productions

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This is the 2014 HKI Kyusho Martial Arts Training Seminar

The late Grandmaster Jack Hogan, founder of Hogan Karate International, was a 10th degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo Karate and a 5th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and was a Hall of Famer and Legend Grandmaster.  Specializing in Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point fighting) and Small Circle Jujitsu, he hosted seminars featuring some of the top martial artists to teach effective self defense. 

DVD #1 
Clay Pierson: The Bully Buster Program, an aggressive self-defense solution for children that produces fast, basic self-defense skills. Helps children overcome the fear of bullies. When "verbal judo" fails, passive resistance is not working, walking away is not an option, and appointed authority can no longer keep your child safe. 

John Martini: How to use traditional blocking to control opponents and set up your strikes. 

Soke Joe Hess: Gun Control and Disarms for law enforcement. How to disarm an opponent using the correct distancing from the front, side and rear. Learn the three rules for safe disarming, getting your body out of the line of fire, how to control the weapon and disarm safely, and more!

Henry Kennedy: Teaches how to attack the Attack. How to use blocks as strikes to disable attackers' weapons and how to use strikes to quickly incapacitate them, and more! 

DVD #2:
John Duggan: How to combine Kyusho techniques with Jiujitsu and Arnis to create joint locks, and ground control techniques to subdue the largest of attackers.

Grandmaster Jack Hogan: Simplifies complicated martial arts techniques to use in a real world situations. Economy of motion and how to survive an attack.

Bruce Chiu: How to control your opponent.  He will take the same techniques taught throughout the two days of seminars and adapt them to the stick. Included are disarms, take downs and locks using the stick and also empty handed.

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