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5 DVD SET Fighting Karate Gosoku Ryu Weapons Street Self Defense Takayuki Kubota

5 DVD SET Fighting Karate Gosoku Ryu Weapons Street Self Defense Takayuki Kubota

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5 DVD Set by Soke Takayuki Kubota

  • Volume 1: Kubo-Jitsu Fighting - Warm-up exercises and falling, realistic combat, jujutsu and grappling holds, counters, standing techniques and effective defenses.
  • Volume 2: Gosoku-Ryu Fighting - Striking speed drills, kicking and punching attacks and counters, footwork and maneuvers, takedowns, and coordination drills to improve speed and defenses. 57 min.
  • Volume 3: Weapons Action-Techniques and Kata - Cane techniques (attack and defense drills), kata and applications, keibo jitsu waza (staff techniques), attack-and-defense drills with the staff, tonfa (side-handle baton) attack-and-defense drills, kata and application, and police baton techniques and application. 59 min.
  • Volume 4: Gosoku-Ryu Kata - Basic drills, kihon no kata, advanced gosoku-ryu kata and detailed explanation of the hidden fighting techniques in kata. 54 min.
  • Volume 5: Defensive Street Fighting - Kicking drills, striking drills and effective ways to strike and kick an attacker, how to block attacks and initiate counterattacks, executing takedowns, defending against holds and grabs, ways of defending yourself from the ground or while sitting, turning ordinary items into weapons and avoiding potentially lethal situations on the street. 60 min.
Soke Tak Kubota is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the founder and grandmaster of the International Karate Association. Soke Kubota's hybrid style of karate, judo and jujutsu techniques is a very powerful and practical self-defense system. Learn its techniques in this original 'Ancient Warrior Productions' five-part amazing DVD collection from the man who has trained some of the finest law-enforcement and military personnel in the world.

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