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5 DVD Set Hung Gar Kung Fu forms fighting footwork balance ++ GM Buck Sam Kong

5 DVD Set Hung Gar Kung Fu forms fighting footwork balance ++ GM Buck Sam Kong

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5 DVD SET Sifu Buck Sam Kong is one of the foremost experts on hung gar kung fu and a highly respected member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame. In this series Grandmaster Buck Sam Kong takes you beyond the theory and into the real world of Hung Gar Kung Fu, teaching you techniques that have been tried and proved to be highly effective in real-life situations. This original Ancient Warrior Production work represents Grandmaster Buck Sam Kong 's Kung Fu legacy.

  • Volume 1 includes stances, maneuvers, foot positions, hand techniques and strikes, circular blocks and breath control. (Approx. 57 min.)
  • Volume 2 includes punching styles, blocks and evasion, kicking, fighting combinations, footwork and balance. (Approx. 57 min.)
  • Volume 3 includes five animal hand forms: tiger, crane, leopard, snake and dragon; special conditioning and self-defense. (Approx. 57 min.)
  • Volume 4 includes lau gar kuen form and breakdown, history of hung gar, courtesy and respect, stances and intricate footwork. (Approx. 57 min.)
  • Volume 5 includes lau gar kuen form, vital targets, skill levels and Sifu Buck Sam Kong's viewpoints. (Approx. 58 min.)

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