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6 DVD Set Master Class Kobudo Karate Weapons Fumio Demura Shito Ryu shotokan

6 DVD Set Master Class Kobudo Karate Weapons Fumio Demura Shito Ryu shotokan

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6 DVD set by legendary "Black Belt Hall of Fame" member, Sensei Fumio Demura, an expert on traditional weapons and considered one of the best karate instructors in the world. Sensei Fumio Demura studied under Japanese Grandmaster Ryusho Sakagami and Okinawan master Kenshin Taira. Demura has won the All-Japan Karate Freefighting Championships (1961) twice!

  • Volume #1 - Nunchaku: includes proper grips, stances, swings, strikes, blocks and a basic beginner's kata. (Approx. 52 min.)
  • Volume #2 - Bo: features grasping, striking techniques, blocking actions, kata, maneuvering and practical application. (Approx. 60 min.)
  • Volume #3 - Tonfa: includes proper grips, striking techniques, stances, defense moves, attacks and other techniques that will improve your overall skill and coordination. (Approx. 46 min.)
  • Volume #4 - Sai:features proper grips, attacking movements, defense techniques, kata, maneuvering and application. (Approx. 60 min.)
  • Volume #5 - Kama: the fundamentals of proper kama use, including proper grips, strikes, stances, counters and defenses. (Approx. 58 min.)
  • Volume #6 - Eku Oar: covers basic stances, proper grips, attacks, defense movements, blocking techniques and counters. A basic kata is also covered in this volume. (Approx. 54 min.)

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