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6 DVD SET Nine Dragon Baguazhang Street Combat Basics - Advanced John Painter

SKU: VD5217P

I&I Sports/Unique Publications

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Six DVD Set by Capt. John Painter; PhD. A complete instructional series on Baguazhang by this renown master of Chinese and internal martial & healing arts. Clear, concise, straight forward presentation from basics to advanced levels.

  • Volume #1: Training Principles - Stances; Postures; and Eight Palms. 60 minutes
  • Volume #2 Training Principles - Foot patterns; circle walking; postures & eight palms to help you develop the amazing circular combat power of Nine DragonBaguazhang. 58 minutes
  • Volume #3 Hand to Hand Tactics - direct; internal/external power of Nine Dragon Baguazhang's Fire & Thunder Palms to simultaneously neutralize & counterstrike any attackwith strikes & kicks. 58 minutes
  • Volume #4 Qinna - Locks; Throws; Projections - the mind/body power of Nine Dragon Baguazhang's Heaven and Lake Palms. 57 minutes
  • Volume #5: Defensive Tactics Against Clubs - whole body powers of the Water and Wind Palms of Nine Dragon Baguazhang as used in a life or death struggle with a weapon wielding opponent. 55 minutes
  • Volume #6: Defensive Tactics for Knives & Edged Weapons - body powers of the Earth & Mountains Postures of Nine Dragon Baguazhang used against an opponent armed with an edged weapon. 57 minutes.

Digitally remastered from original videocassette.

Manufacturers of specialty titles use DVD-R duplication and utilize inkjet printed covers. This may make the DVDs appear to be counterfeit, however, this is the standard manufacturing process used by Warner Bros and others. This DVD is 100% guaranteed authentic.

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