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8 DVD Set - Street Combat Urban MMA - Willie 'the Bam' Johnson

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Willie "the Bam" Johnson, creator of the acclaimed "Keeping It Real" Street Combat series, brings you these unparalleled, hart-hitting DVDs containing unmatched martial arts instruction. I this phenomenal DVD bundle, you will get schooled by the man himself - and will learn training secrets, techniques and moves that have made "Bam" the world class competitor that he is.

In Urban MMA #1 and #2, Bam teaches MMA-style fighting intended to keep you safe (and unbeatable) in the streets. MMA techniques work great in the ring, and they can work just as well on the streets!

In Predator Defense #1 and #2, Bam shows you the way to overcome any predator, any time, in any dangerous situation. Get inside the mind of the predator and learn how to deal with him quickly and efficiently, using techniques that really work!

Want to get in shape FAST? Check out Bam's incredible For Real! Workout, packed with unique and power-packed exercises and moves that will get you in truly "fighting fit" condition. Your training is real - Your workouts should be real too!

With Chin Na Fusion, the Bam has managed to fuse together the very best of Chinese Chin Na moves with his own unique brand of Urban Self Defense. These DVDs contain provocative and highly useful techniques which will definitely improve your arsenal of self defense street tactics!

In Street Combat for Women, seasoned martial arts veteran, Kimber Johnson, brings "The Bam" style of realistic lessons aimed at making all women, regardless of size or stature, safe on the streets. Kimber will have all women picking up the mantra - Bad Guys BEWARE!

WARNING! These DVDs contain real, no B.S. self-defense techniques designed for real-life circumstances. Bam has been there, has seen the real stuff, and knows what it truly means to KEEP IT REAL! You will be blown away by the most realistic instructive footage ever filmed on street self defense in real world situations!

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