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Advanced Ngo Cho DVD Jose Paman boxing white crane monkey iron palm fat chun

SKU: VD5125A

I&I Sports/Unique Publications

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Manila, Philippines born Jose Paman has practiced and taught Ngo Cho kung-fu for over 30 years and holds advanced instructor degrees in Arnis; Karate andJjiu-Jitsu. The dynamic art of Ngo Cho Kung Fu features the vital elements of five ancestral systems; incorporating the footwork of Lo Han (Buddhist monk boxing); the hand techniques of Pe Ho (White Crane); leg techniques of Tai Cho (Grand Ancestor Kung Fu); evasive techniques and palm strikes of che tian ta sien (monkey style) and iron body training of fat chun (the Bodhidharma method). 90 minutes. Digitally remastered from original videocassette.

Most manufacturers of specialty titles now duplicate instead of replicate, and utilize inkjet printed covers. This may make the DVDs appear to be counterfeit, however, this is the standard manufacturing process used by Warner Bros and others. This DVD is 100% guaranteed authentic.

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