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Samurai Zombie - Japanese Sci Fi Gory Adventure movie DVD English subtitles

Samurai Zombie - Japanese Sci Fi Gory Adventure movie DVD English subtitles

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On a road trip comes across a car accident; and pulls over to help the driver of the car. It turns out that the driver is a fugitive; who hijacks the family's car. Pointing a gun at the father's head; the fugitive commands him to step on the gas and drive off. Guided by the fugitive; they soon encounter a blockade on the highway; so they take a road into the woods. All of a sudden; the car's navigation system monitor turns blood red. The blip on the monitor seems to be moving around in a sea of blood. Then the car breaks down for no apparent reason; and they're stuck in the woods. The fugitive tells the father to go look for tools to fix the car with; while he holds the rest of the family hostage. Having no choice; the father starts walking. Ý Soon; the father finds a ghost village. He walks up to the top of a hill from where he can look down at the village. It looks like there's a cemetery up on the hill. He digs in the ground; and finds a rusty knife. He brings the knife up to his throat; and cuts off his own head. Blood splatters. The decapitated head falls down onto a tomb; and blood runs into the ground. After a moment; a razor-sharp Japanese sword comes out of the ground; and then an eerie samurai warrior crawls out of it. The samurai zombie chops up the father's head; then starts heading for the car. Meanwhile; the rest of the family and the fugitive have wandered into the woods. Their presence here is no accident - they were summoned. A rain of blood is about to wash everything in the village away with a curse and vengeance. Starring Ishida Issei, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Oginome Keiko. English subtitled.

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