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Return Of The Master Killer 36th Chamber - Hong Kong Kung Fu Martial Arts DVD

Return Of The Master Killer 36th Chamber - Hong Kong Kung Fu Martial Arts DVD

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AKA Return to the 36th Chamber. When a new dye factory run by the Manchu powers opens in a busy town; the former peace and calm is shattered. The Manchus take over the local rivals and use their cruel dominance to squeeze yet more work out of the locals. After a strike by these workers results in their beating by the hired lackies; one of their friends is persuaded to intervene. This con-artist decides to impersonate legendary Shaolin monk San-Te and scare the oppressors with a series of misleading tricks designed to give the impression of kung-fu excellence. The hoax works once; but is then exposed by one of the Manchus top fighters who has been called in to handle the situation. Enraged by how helpless he feels; the exposed impersonator decides to go to the Shaolin temple to try an emulate the real San-Te. Once again using his deceptive skills to get into the temple; the eager student observes the rigurous training that all of the new fighters go through. However; when he is exposed by the head monks and is therefore required to plead his case; he is put to work within the temple to make up for his deceit. Little does he realise that this seemingly unimportant manual work is in fact developing him into a formidable fighter. 99 min. English dubbed.

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