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Like a Dragon - PlayStation Game action movie DVD Mike Takashi

Like a Dragon - PlayStation Game action movie DVD Mike Takashi

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Based on the hit PlayStation 2 game; the film delivers with all the violent; fast-paced fisticuffs and wry; loony gusto one could hope from the maverick director. With madcap gangsters; silent snipers; and a plethora of colorful characters running around; Like a Dragon is a bewilderingly entertaining throw 'em up mix of hardboiled drama; giddy action; black comedy; and pure Miike magic - all squeezed into a feverishly layered story that plays out over one night in the sleepless streets of Shinjuku. Kishitani Goro (Returner) and Kitamura Kazuki (Samurai Commando Mission 1549) star as feuding gangsters; along with a superb supporting cast that includes Korean actor Gong Yoo (My Tutor Friend); Arakawa Yoshiyoshi (Yaji & Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims); Shioya Shun (Pacchigi!); and Aikawa Sho (Zebraman). In the sweltering heat of Tokyo summer; the night begins with a hapless bank robbery and the disappearance of ten million yen belonging to the Tojo gang. Meanwhile; yakuza Majima Goro (Kishitani Goro); decked in a gold suit and with more than a few screws loose; is out to fight rival gangster Kiryu Kazuma (Kitamura Kazuki). The somber and seemingly indestructible Kiryu; however; has just left his gang and has in tow a little girl (Natsuo); whose mother he is trying to track down. In another part of Shinjuku; Satori (Shioya Shun) and his girlfriend (Saeko) decide to start holding up stores for fun; and mysterious Korean hitman Park (Gong Yoo) haunts the rooftops looking to off the culprit behind the Tojo heist. As the night passes; Majima and Kiryu cross paths repeatedly; in a series of increasingly bloody and bombastic stand-offs that bring them straight to the top of the Millennium Tower. English subtitled.

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