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Final Attack the Last Supper Bloody Birth of Han Dynasty DVD subtitled

Final Attack the Last Supper Bloody Birth of Han Dynasty DVD subtitled

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The story is told in flashbacks from the point of view of a 61-year-old Liu Bang; the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty. Liu Bang has been experiencing nightmares and living in fear and apprehension; as he constantly suspects that someone is trying to kill him. In his whole life; he has only been afraid of two persons: Xiang Yu; who fought with him for supremacy over China after the fall of the Qin Dynasty; Han Xin; a man who previously served Xiang Yu; but later became a general under him; and helped him defeat Xiang Yu. Liu Bang then reflects on key events in his life; such as the Feast at Hong Gate and the Battle of Gaixia. Among all his subjects; Liu Bang regards Han Xin; Xiao He and Zhang Liang as the three most important persons who assisted him in overcoming Xiang Yu in the Chu–Han Contention. However; he believes that Han Xin wants to rebel against him; and he has Han imprisoned for the past six years. Liu Bang reluctantly releases Han Xin and lets him stay in Zhang Liang's residence. Liu Bang's wife; the empress Ln Zhi; eventually forces Xiao He to lure Han Xin into a trap under the guise of inviting Han to attend a banquet. Han Xin was captured; charged with treason and executed; and his dead body was suspended inside a bell. Xiao He cuts off Han Xin's head and presents it to Liu Bang. Liu Bang also dies shortly after; and it is said that he finally found peace in death because he has been living in a life full of suspense and uncertainty. English subtitled.

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