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5 DVD Set Master Class Fumio Demura Karate Shito Ryu DVD japanese shotokan

5 DVD Set Master Class Fumio Demura Karate Shito Ryu DVD japanese shotokan

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5 DVD set by legendary "Black Belt Hall of Fame" member, Sensei Fumio Demura, an expert on traditional weapons and considered one of the best karate instructors in the world. This series is Sensei Demura's legacy in the art of Shito Ryu Karate-do.

  • Volume #1 includes striking points, target areas, standing positions and hand, elbow, kicking and blocking techniques; basic sparring and self-defense. 60 min.
  • Volume #2 includes body dynamics, flexibility training, self-defense training, blocks, stances, striking, leg techniques, sparring and five kata. 60 min.
  • Volume #3 includes senior & black-belt-level kata & self-defense techniques, judo throws, punches, elbows, chops, kicks and more! Plus, naifanchin shodan, matsumura rohai, sanchin, jitte, bassai dai and jiin. 60 min.
  • Volume #4 includes special breathing exercises, sparring drills, unsoku, bunkai & oyo, and black-belt-level kata: naifanchin nidan, jion, niseishi [nijushi ho], wanshu [empi], kusankui dai [kosukun dai] & wankan. 60 min.
  • Volume #5 includes how to develop better more powerful kicking techniques, black-belt-level drills, self-defense techniques and naifanchin san dan, seienshin, men's aoyagi, women's aoyagi, seipai & juroku. 60 min.

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