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Pai Lum Tao Ling Wood Chuan Fist Form 'Way of the Warrior' DVD Glenn Wilson

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Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson is a direct disciple of the late legendary Great Grandmaster Dr. Daniel Kane Pai. He will walk you step-by-step through the traditional movements of this most fascinating style - Pai Lum Tao. Work the moves on the floor with Grandmaster Wilson as you learn the philosophies and formulas of the way of the White Dragon. Walk down the path of a Pai Lum Warrior as you learn the virtues of the system's three disciplines of Pai Te Lung Chuan Kung Fu, Bok Leen Pai Kenpo and the Pai Yung Internal art of Kuan Yin Chi Kung. 

With its roots in the Chinese-Hawaiian cultures, Pai Lum Tao has been kept very much a secret to most of the Martial Arts World. Yet for decades it has produced some of the top Martial Artists and competitors. Pai Lum Tao is known for being a system that teaches 'The Way of the Warrior'!

Ling Wood Chuan is Pai Lum Tao's "Fast and Accurate Fist Form". It is a long range form found in the basic curriculum of Pai Lum Tao's kung fu discipline. This form will develop intricate footwork, coupled with powerful crushing fist and slicing blade hands. The stance work is a testimony to developing iron strong roots. From its flexible snake movements to its disciplined one leg crane, the stances of Ling Wood Chuan will enhance and build a stronger foundation for any martial artist. 2000. 56 minutes.

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