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Okinawan Karate Kobudo #13 Chibana Shorin

Okinawan Karate Kobudo #13 Chibana Shorin

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Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Legends #13. Choshin Chibana: Shorin Ryu. Chosen Chibana was one of the most important figures in Okinawan Karate. A student of Anko Itosu; Chibana began his karate training in the early 1900's and his dojo training partners included names like Chogun Miyagi; Chotoku Kyan; Taira Shinken and many others. In this DVD; which was shot in the 1960's by Mr. Taiju Lee you will see the only known footage of Master Chibana. You will see him perform katas like the Naihanchi's; Passai; and several others. Some of this extremely rare footage was even shot in full brilliant color. Plus; there is a full interview with Mr. Lee about Chibana Sensei and much more. Approx. 21 minutes. RS-0619.

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