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Wing Chun Gung Fu Biu Jee Combat Techniques DVD Randy Williams

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by Randy Williams WCW28-D The Wing Chun System is comprised of only three hand forms. Although the forms are few and easy to learn; to master them requiers patience; perseverence and determination. This mastery is vital; as the forms of Wing Chun are considered the keys to the system. The third hand form is Biu Jee or Shooting Fingers. COMBAT TECHNIQUES demonstrates Combat Sticky Hand engagements highlighting Biu Jee principles in application including: Tahng Jee; Puch/Punch; Forearm Strikes; Reverse Neck Trap; Flesh Grabs; Throat Grab; Hair Grab; One Finger Trap; Gwai Jahng; 'Nosecone' Defense; Butting Elbow; Crawling Trap; Motion Intercepting Stance; Inward/Outward Sweeps; Complex Blocks; Cum Sau; Outside Whip Punch; Lowline Exclusion; Fock Sau Defense and Attack; Gwor Sau Sweeps; Long Bridge Attacks; Long Bridge Grab; Over and Under Grab; Ginger Fist; Iron Palm Striking; Arm Bar; Inward Diagonal Punch; Phoenix Eye Punch; Sinking Body Power; Headbutts; Getting Up from a position of Disadvantage; Stopkick vs. Punching and Kicking; Leg Blocks; Piercing Toe Kick and more. When Steven Seagal; Phil Collins or Eric Clapton needed bodyguard protection; they called Wing Chnu master Randy Williams; one of the world's foremost experts on self-defense. Williams; who operates schools in various parts of the world; began training at the age of 13 under George Yau and completed his instruction in the system under world renown master Augustine Fong.

Digitally remastered from original videocassette.

Manufacturers of specialty titles use DVD-R duplication and utilize inkjet printed covers. This may make the DVDs appear to be counterfeit, however, this is the standard manufacturing process used by Warner Bros and others. This DVD is 100% guaranteed authentic.

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