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Wing Chun Gung Fu Biu Jee Concepts & Principles #3 DVD Randy Williams

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by Randy Williams

The Wing Chun System is comprised of only three hand forms. Although the forms are few and easy to learn; to master them requires patience; perseverance and determination. This mastery is vital; as the forms of Wing Chun are considered the keys to the system. The third hand form is Biu Jee or Shooting Fingers. CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES; PART 3 continues with explanations of Biu Jee principles plus the complete form; this time in slow motion. Biu Jee principles in this DVD include: Inward Diagonal Punch; Finding the Root of all Punches in Wing Chun Blocks; Running the Hand to a Punch; Determining the Centerline; Blending Punch Principles; Phoenix Eye Punch; Abbreviated Pivoting Stance; Forward/Backward Headbutting; The Wing Chun Bob and Weave; Defense vs. a Bearhug; Casting the Arms to get up off the ground; Getting up with a Protective Umbrella; Locking/Stopkicks to the Lop Sau Cycle; Leglocks; Kicking with Yang Hand Attack; Guarding Hand Position Change during Kicking; Kick Facing; Using the Arm to add Power to the Kick; Dook Lop Ma--Single Leg Stance; Correlation of Wing Chun Leg Blocks to Hand Blocks and their uses in Sticky Foot; Single Leg Siu Leem Tau Practice and more.

Digitally remastered from original videocassette.

Manufacturers of specialty titles use DVD-R duplication and utilize inkjet printed covers. This may make the DVDs appear to be counterfeit, however, this is the standard manufacturing process used by Warner Bros and others. This DVD is 100% guaranteed authentic.

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