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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children - Japanese Sci Fi Fantasy movie DVD dubbed

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children - Japanese Sci Fi Fantasy movie DVD dubbed

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Two years after the events in "Final Fantasy VII"; a disease called 'Seikon-Shoukougun'; or 'Geostigma'; is spreading through the planet. This disease is believed to have been caused by the body fighting off foreign material that invaded the body two years earlier; at the end of "Final Fantasy VII". Guilt-ridden and haunted by his past; ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife has decided to live a secluded; solitary life away from his friends while maintaining "Strife's Delivery Service"; whose headquarters is located in Tifa Lockheart's bar; the Seventh Heaven. Tifa's bar serves as an orphanage for children stricken with Geostigma. Here; Tifa keeps an eye on Barret's six-year-old daughter; Marlene; while Barret searches the planet for an alternative energy source to the Planet's energy; Mako. One day; Cloud receives a phone call from the former Shinra; Inc. president; Rufus; asking him for protection from a mysterious man named Kadaj. Kadaj; in the meantime; along with his brothers Loz and Yazoo; are searching for their "mother"; and seem to believe that Cloud knows where to find her. Meanwhile; Vincent Valentine has been wandering the planet gathering information on Kadaj's scheme; and Cloud and his friends must come together again to fight these new enemies. .Japanese animation. 126 min. English dubbed. Egnlish subtitled.

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