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Chinese Gung Fu Yang Style Tai Chi Sword Blade DVD Ted Mancuso form fencing

Chinese Gung Fu Yang Style Tai Chi Sword Blade DVD Ted Mancuso form fencing

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This is a teaching and demonstration tape of the famous Yang Style T'ai Chi Straight Sword (Taiji Jian). Unlike many such tapes there is a good deal of discussion on the manipulation of the sword itself with more than mere replication of postures. This tape gives some feel for the teaching style of Ted Mancuso. From the Tape: "When all is said and done the T'ai Chi sword is great fun. It preserves the martial heritage that is so essential to a real understanding of T'ai Chi but combines it with the grace and fluidity that we all have come to associate with the art itself. T'ai Chi Sword must fulfill the promise of T'ai Chi by retaining its special flavor and yet functioning as a true display of martial prowess. The sword itself is the perfect symbol of this idea. It has a graceful and flexible body yet is perfectly straight, as straight as the spine of the practitioner. In many ways it is the best symbol of Wu De, martial virtue. Associated with scholars as well as warriors it signifies the ideal of Wen Wu, literature and martial skill combined." Contains the following, some items rarely seen: A thorough introductory discussion of the sword itself. Fundamental Exercises with the sword for timing, stepping and flexibility. The T'ai Chi Sword form demonstrated front and side view. Complete breakdown on the steps of learning the form. Applications of T'ai Chi fencing, usage and partner exercises.

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