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John Ottenberg Explosive Punching Vertical Drop DVD lima lama self defense

John Ottenberg Explosive Punching Vertical Drop DVD lima lama self defense

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Explosive Punching is the catch-all name for a dynamic martial self defense method. Firmly based in classical martial arts, it reverses the normal process of teaching and builds up the traditional skills in exactly the way they were created: a step-by-step progression, from what works to what works while adding sophistication and creativity as it goes. Ottenberg uses his three-step approach of Motion, Movement and Technique, to teach the inner workings of a method developed from his experiences as a fighter, a soldier and an "indoor student" under one of the 20th century's greatest self-defense instructors. John's technique is highly refined, so much to as to appear casual. You will have to actually try these motions to understand the level of sophistication involved. 60 minutes. 1. You start with an immediate improvement of your punching. Within a few hours of practice you will punch harder and better than you have in your life. 2. You memorize NOTHING; no tricks, no movements, no "techniques". Nothing. In this method you don't try to use anything unless it is bone deep. 3. You learn all there is to punching, then go beyond that to master even more complex and devastating actions. 4. From the moment you begin you are exposed to ideas normally reserved for black belts. You are taught not only to customize to your own body but to think for yourself. 5. Every step you learn is complete onto itself. Not only can you use it, but it seamlessly leads to the next step in your training.

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