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6 DVD Set Complete Cane Stick Martial Arts Self Defense - Master Joe Robaina

SKU: VO5604P

Black & Blue Productions

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6 DVD Set
This is a complete training course on the use of the cane for martial arts and self defense by Master Joe Robaina, founder and developer of the American Cane Self Defense (ACSD) system and a pioneer of Cane arts and culture. 
DVD #1: Power Foundations & Conditioning
Covers methods to develop speed, power and accuracy with the cane. Includes cane maneuverability, double cane drills, The Five Basic Power Shots, The Power Shot Kata, and more!

DVD #2: Defenses Against Grabs & Holds
Covers how to break any grab or hold and apply cane joint locks, hand-to hand translations, the 12 strike/defend zones, Form #2, practical self defense applications, and more!

DVD #3: Defenses Against Strikes and Kicks
Covers handling punches, attacks from behind, Form #3, cane clearing, multiple attackers, cane strangulation hold, and more!

DVD #4: Cane Throws For The Street
Covers close range cane self defense, throws, keeping attackers at a distance, Cane-Do Kai, and more!

DVD #5: Cane Grappling
Covers unique cane grappling, cane chokes, headlocks, neck cranks, the cane wrap around, ground grappling applications, and more! 
DVD #6: Cane Versus Street Weapons
Covers how to use your cane to survive a knife or stick attack, never before seen applications against a gun, empty hand defenses against weapons, cane sparring, and more!

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