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Koshen Judo #1 DVD Masahiko Kimura

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Taught by Judo's "gray haired" seniors much of this information has been lost till now. These seniors all in there 60's or 70's roll around and throw each other as if they were half their age. It is obvious these are masters of the art and obviously in very high ranking. Featured in Masahiko Kimura (1917-1992) His unique ability was second to none. 5'7" and built like a body builders; Kimura beat Helio Gracie in 1951 in Brazil by repeatedly throwing him; using his specialty "oso-to-geri". Gracie; a worthy opponent would not tap out even with a broken elbow. Finally his corner had no choice but to throw in the towel. Kimura was pronounced winner by TKO You will be amazed at all the information you'll learn. Everything from reversals; locks; escapes; and unique chokes; many are just never taught but are all but forgotten till now. An absolute must for all martial artists interested in ground work (nei waza).

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