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Beginner Guide to Japanese Okinawan Kobudo DVD Jim Wilson

Beginner Guide to Japanese Okinawan Kobudo DVD Jim Wilson

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Master Instructor Jim Wilson continues his series of Beginners Guide’s. In this DVD; Sensei Jim Wilson will show you the four categories of weapons: 1. Samurai; 2. Travelers; 3. Farming and 4. Ninjitsu. He not only explains the history but also many of the usages of these weapons. You will find his mannerism and teaching methods easy to learn from and his pleasant personality make this yet another wonderful DVD by him. He explains in detail about the three different categories of weapons: slicing; bludgeon and projectiles and how each of the weapons falls into one of these categories. He discusses the katana; kama; sai; bo; jo; nunchaku; tongfa and many more; including the shuriken; kusarigama; and so much more. You will be amazed at the knowledge you will attain from this DVD not the least of which is the basic use of each of these Japanese Okinawan weapons.

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