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Wadokai Karate Do Knife Kata JuJitsu DVD Ajari

Wadokai Karate Do Knife Kata JuJitsu DVD Ajari



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Featuring Yoshiaki Ajari a direct student of the founder H. Otsuka. Learn more kata & many of the rare never before taught on video knife techniques famous to Wado. Master Ajari learnt these knife defenses while growing up in Japan where he was a direct student of Master Hironori Otsuka the founder of Wado. Many of these techniques involve the principles of Japanese Ju Jitsu and were taught by the master to his students. You will also learn katas Pinan Godan; Kushanku; Seishan; Chinto; Bassai; Naihanchi; Wanshu. He shows the kata kia points; and timing at performance speed so you can really learn them the right way once and for all. The bunkai of Wado is unique and very practical as master Ajari shows it all in this tape.

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