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Mastering Karate #8 Interview DVD Hirokazu Kanazawa

Mastering Karate #8 Interview DVD Hirokazu Kanazawa

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Featuring Master Hirokazu Kanazawa. An indepth interview that lasted for three hours solid questioning; we have edited it down so that there is only those questions and that everyone will want to know the answer to. Like where did Ni Ju Hachi Ho actually ccome from? Why did he do Tai Chi and Goju Katas? What value were these to his learning? What was the JKA Instructor's training program actually like? We asked him words like Oyama; Nishiyama; JKA; Yamaguichi; Funakoshi and many more and he gave us an instant answer without knowing what words were coming. Very insightful. He talks in length about the first karate tournament and why he fought with a broken right hand and how he won the fights; as he walks us through the actual fight step by step. Don Warrener; who is becoming well known for his tough questions; threw the book at Kancho and he fielded the questions in the true spirit of karate; answering everything and ducking nothing. You will hear all the stories of the early days when he would pick up Gichin Funakoshi in a taxi and take him to the dojo; and how whenever Funakoshi would pass the Kodokan; he would order the taxi to stop so he could bow to the house Jigaro Kano built; and lots more.

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