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Kobudo: Bo Jo Techu Yari Kama DVD Brian Ricci & Frank Gaviola

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The Yari and Naginata were the pole weapons of the samurai and this is one of the very few DVD's to ever teach the Yari (or spear) samurai weapon of Old Japan. It is believed that the Yari was part of the syllabus used by Yoshida Kotaro and Sokaku Takeda as this the their lineage thru Richard Kim who was a personal student of Yoshida Kotaro who was a personal student of Sokaku Tokeda. Sokaku Tokeda was a student at the Hozoin Temple which was and is famous for their spear training. In todays world this form can be practiced with a bo staff but their origin is definitely that of the samurai class. You will also learn other rare forms like Matsu Higa No Kon; Arakaki No Jo;Techu No Kata; Sakugawa Yari Shu; Kingawa Nicho Kama Both Ricci and Gaviola are in their own right champions of kobudo one in traditional arena and the other in the open circuit but they have been able to bridge this gap between the two worlds. Expertly taught by these two Master Instructors you will be able to learn up close and personal as they present these forms in various speeds and two different angles. You will learn: * Matsu Higa No Kon; Arakaki No Jo; Techu No Kata * Sakugawa Yari Shu and Kingawa Nicho Kama *taught from various angles and speeds. * and much much more

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