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Kobudo: Sai Tongfa Kobudo Basics DVD Brian Ricci & Frank Gaviola

SKU: VD6623A


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Traditional Japanese Okinawan Kobudo Sai Tongfa and Kobudo Basics. Finally there is a DVD that will teach you from the bottom to the top. In this one dvd you will learn two advanced forms and all the basics of Kobudo. You will learn Chatan Yara No Sai Dai and Chatan Yara No Tongfa and as well basics for Bo; Sai; Tongfa;Tan Bo; Nunchaku; Jo; Kama; Yari; Techu; Naginata; and more. Ricci and Gaviola have done a masterful job in teaching these forms and more importantly the basics of each weapon which should be mastered before going on to learning the kata's. They learnt all these basics from years of training with Hanshi Richard Kim who learnt them from Hiroshi Kinjo and Toyama Kanken in post WWII Japan. Time 55 Minutes You will learn; Chatan Yara No Sai Dai and Chatana Yara No Tongfa Basics of all the weapons of Okinawan Kobudo Basics of the Yari and Naginata and so much more it is amazing.

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