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Okinawan Karate Kobudo #19 DVD Hojo UndoTraining

Okinawan Karate Kobudo #19 DVD Hojo UndoTraining

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Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Legends #19. Hojo Undo supplementary training. One of the fascinating things about Okinawan karate is their unique Hojo Undo training. Translated; it means supplementary exercises. These specially designed exercises include Makiwara; Chi Ishi; Nigiri Game; Ishi Sashi; Jari Bako; Makiage Kigu; and Kongo Ken. These exercises are used to improve the muscles used in the actual karate techniques. Many of these may seem redundant with the advent of modern day weight training; but the mobility that can be used with these rather than the stationary modern day equipment is what makes them of such great value. Approx. 32 minutes. RS-0625.

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