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Shito Ryu Kata & Bunkai Hayashi Ha Martin DVD

Shito Ryu Kata & Bunkai Hayashi Ha Martin DVD

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In this ambitious project; J. M. Martin; famed master of masters and world champions; addresses the monumental tasks of teaching the advanced Kata of Shito - Ryu Karate of Master Hayashi linage. He does even more for this series of Kata; also teaching in detail their Bunkai. Recorded over several years; these karate Kata are deep; rich and intense and have made this line of Karate; the reference for speed; beauty; accuracy and elegance worldwide. This the first DVD includes three of the most renowned higher Kata: Pachu; Seipai and Nipaipo; the line from Naha-Te. Pachu: Their characteristics are those of the style; with movements in advanced and elusive techniques. This Kata is part of a group whose goal is the understanding of the movements for later learning Aanan Kata; one of the most difficult. Nipaipo: it means '28 moves' is the 'White Crane Kata'. Very advanced and used in high competition; has very interesting techniques as Sashi-te; with frequent strikes and other rare techniques such as Ippon ken. Seipai: number 18 in the Chinese language. This kata comes from the Shaolin Temple in Shandong. It belongs to the series Seisan Kata. It contains many techniques 'hidden'; designed to confuse the enemy in combat. 70 minutes.

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